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Could "doggie breath" be wrecking your friend's health as well as his social life?

What are the chances that you have gum disease?

Testing the mouth for disease will soon be as common as testing blood for disease


Protect your Gums Protect your Health

Do you know that your gums are the gateway to the health of your body and brain?

Do you know that many adults and children have some form of gum disease – and don't even know it?

Do you know how to tell if your gums are healthy?

Every day new research shows stronger links between the health of our gums and the health of our bodies. Here at we're dedicated to protecting your gums to protect your health. We can help you find out if your gums are healthy or need help and direct you to the latest and best treatments.

Why are gums that bleed during dental teeth cleaning not OK?

to the quirkiest questions about gums

Why are gums that bleed during dental teeth cleaning not OK?

Find lots more quirky questions and straight answers here.

Gums that are healthy never bleed – not when you brush, not when you floss, not when you have your teeth cleaned at the dental office.

Think about this for a sec:


if you had a wound on your hand that wouldn't stop bleeding, would you ignore it? Obviously not. Because it could get badly infected.

Bleeding gums are the same thing. When your gums bleed you have an infected wound. Bacteria can enter your body through this wound and contribute to serious health problems like heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's disease and complications for pregnancy and diabetes.

Many people think their gums bleed or hurt when they visit the dentist or dental hygienist because of the instruments used to clean teeth. Uh, uh. It's because the gums are inflamed and when they're touched in areas that aren't normally touched, they may hurt or bleed. This means you may have gum disease. Be sure to ask your dental professional how to treat this.


Our team of experts developed this website to raise awareness about the vital role of gums in our overall health. shares information, tools and solutions you can rely on to protect your gums so you can be a healthier you.

Worried about bad breath? Bleeding or sore gums? Catching an oral infection? Reducing your risks for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other diseases?

We're here to help. Check out our Straight Answers to the Quirkiest Questions about Gums, Quick Gum Health Check, informative articles. Share this info with your friends and family through our social media connections. Be sure to keep visiting us; there are exciting new advances in gum health every day and we want to share them with you.

Remember: if you protect your gums, you protect your health!