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About Your Gums

You need healthy gums to have a healthy body.  And you know what? It's actually pretty easy to keep your gums healthy.

Today, we know much more about gum disease than we did even a year ago.  We also know a lot more about how to prevent it and how to cure it.  For example, we know that a community of billions of bacteria live in our mouths.  This is called an oral biofilm.  When this biofilm is healthy it protects the health of our mouths and our bodies.

When the balance of the biofilm changes because of illness, stress, poor diet or care of teeth and gums, for example, harmful bacteria become more numerous.  When these bacteria stick together and form plaque (sticky) and tartar (hard) they can break the tight seal the gums form around the teeth.  Gums then bleed or form open pockets and toxic bacteria can enter the bloodstream and spread through the body.  Plaque also releases toxins that irritate and inflame the gums.  Left untreated, gum disease becomes a constant source of inflammation that can damage the body's immune system and contribute to diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, stroke, Alzheimer's and more.

OK, so enough about the bad stuff.

The good news is: you don't have to get gum disease.

We're here to help.


 Try our Quick Gum Health Check.

 Read our tips for how to keep your gums healthy.

 If you think you may have unhealthy gums, read about treatments for every type of gum trouble.

 if you have a concern or question, check out our Straight Answers to the Quirkiest Questions about Gums.  Or send us a question.


Protect your gums and you'll protect your health!