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Anne Bosy, Chief Scientist
Anne Bosy


Chief Scientist
Researcher, inventor

While studying and researching at the University of Toronto for a Master of Science specializing in oral malodour (bad breath), Anne became intrigued by the bacteria that live in our mouths and the problems they can cause for our breath and our health. Her research changed the way we think about gum disease, bad breath and oral infection.

With three decades of experience studying and treating people afflicted with oral bacteria problems,  Anne co-launched to share research and information that can help everyone protect their health by protecting their gums.

Anne is also the original BreathDoc; she's recognized internationally as a world-class expert in the field of oral health research.  And she founded the world's first clinic dedicated to treating bad breath problems using mouth rinses that she created. She's successfully treated more than 6,000 people with halitosis (severe breath odour). During the research and treatments she conducted, Anne found that many of the same bacteria that cause gum disease also cause bad breath. She also found that even when gums look healthy, large numbers of gum-disease producing bacteria can be present causing bad breath as they destroy healthy cells.

Anne joined forces with Dr. Jim Hyland to further develop a treatment – the Oravital® System, which is 100% effective in eliminating bad breath resulting from bacteria and 85% effective in treating mild to moderate gum disease – and to deliver this system to dentists and doctors everywhere.

Anne also has a Master of Education from the University of Toronto and was a professor at George Brown College for many years where she trained hundreds of dental hygienists to promote oral health and prevent disease. She also taught at the University of Toronto and at Regency Dental Hygiene Academy.

As she continues to develop treatments for people suffering with gum disease and bad breath, Anne continues her research. She shares these findings with professional groups around the world and has published articles in numerous international oral health journals.