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For Dental/Medical Pros

About 75% of your patients are likely to develop periodontal disease in their lifetimes. Today we know this isn't inevitable. In fact, it's preventable.

Recent research has given us much deeper insight into the connection between oral health and systemic health. We now know how to identify patients at higher risk of oral infections.  And we now have access to more preventive and corrective treatments that can prevent the onset and development of gingivitis and periodontitis.

This is why our team of oral health experts developed We want to raise awareness about the vital role of gums in whole body health and to share the latest research, information, tools and solutions for optimal oral health.

Physicians, dentists, dental hygienists and periodontists are gatekeepers for your patients' health. By helping them reduce the risk of serious oral infections, you can reduce their risk for serious systemic diseases such as cardiovascular, pulmonary and kidney disease and cancer and complications for diabetes, pregnancy and orthopedic implant failure.

Every day there are advances in  the prevention and treatment of gum diseases. We'll share them with you on this site. And we hope you'll share them with your patients. Check out our FAQs, our Quick Gum Health Check, and helpful articles. Connect through social media.

Protect your patients' gums and you'll  protect their health!