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Kerry Lepicek, Chief Dental Hygienist
Kerry Lepicek


Chief Dental Hygienist

Kerry was inspired by her dad, Dr. Jim Hyland, to become a registered dental hygienist. Seeing the joy he found in helping people love their smiles and enhance their wellbeing set her on her career path.

For more than a decade Kerry has been using a proactive approach to help her patients keep their mouths healthy. While she enjoys providing preventive dental care, Kerry loves educating people about the connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.  She also volunteers in schools and daycare centres to show children and teens how to care for their teeth and gums and to discuss the importance of making smart food choices.

Kerry is also the Oravital┬« Wellness Coach for North America. She enables dental clinics to successfully implement the latest and best techniques for their patients to control gingivitis, mild to moderate gum disease and breath odour.

Testifying to Kerry's dedication to her profession are the trusting relationships she's established with hundreds of patients and dental professionals who rely on her sound advice.