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News Release – September 15, 2014

Gum Guardians offer 12 Tips to prevent fearsome gum infections from oral tattoos and piercings


Seeing a rise in the popularity of tattoos and piercings of the tongue, lip, cheek and uvula, the Gum Guardians suggest 12 precautions to prevent dangerous infections from these procedures. Find their 12 tips here.

Oral tattoos and piercings may seem cool but infection, inflammation and disease are not so cool. The inside of our mouths contain millions of bacteria. Needles, hands, jewelry, piercings (especially those in the tongue) – these can introduce bacteria into tissues and raise the risk of infection. As well, when jewelry rubs against gums they can recede, also enabling harmful bacteria to enter the body. This is why it is so important to prevent tattoos and piercings from damaging the health of gums and other oral tissues; these procedures are only cool when they don't endanger our health.

The Gum Guardians, an alliance of dental professionals, launched to protect the health of Canadians by helping them protect their gums. As scientific research and clinical studies increasingly demonstrate the damaging impact of oral infection on our bodies, the Gum Guardians are raising awareness about the vital role of our gums in our overall health and providing timely, reliable information and tools to eliminate oral infections and the serious health problems they can cause.