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News Release – September 16, 2014

On being perceived as healers rather than cleaners:
Gum Guardians offer 9 questions to guide healthy discussions with dental patients


The Gum Guardians believe dental professionals can be perceived as "healers" rather than "cleaners" by using 9 questions to guide their patient discussions.

By initiating conversations with patients during dental visits that reinforce their role as gatekeepers for their patients' health, dental professionals can be recognized, not as tedious teeth cleaners, but as valued healers. These game-changing questions include:

  • Do you know how the health of your gums affects the health of your body?
  • Did you know that you can pass on gum disease to other people?
  • Do you know why your gums are bleeding?
  • Do you know that the way you clean your gums can prevent and heal disease?
  • Is there anything you don't like to do when it comes to following proper care of your teeth and gums?

Find all nine questions and more information here.

The Gum Guardians, an alliance of dental professionals, launched to protect the health of Canadians by helping them protect their gums. As scientific research and clinical studies increasingly demonstrate the damaging impact of oral infection on our bodies, the Gum Guardians are raising awareness about the vital role of our gums in our overall health and providing timely, reliable information and tools to eliminate oral infections and the serious health problems they can cause.