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News Release – November 20, 2014

Hate your breath?
The Gum Guardians suggest asking your doc or dentist if you may have an oral infection


Would you be embarrassed to talk to your doctor about a serious infection in your hand?

Probably not! Yet many people are too embarrassed to talk to their doctor or dentist about bad breath – which may be caused by an oral infection.

Many of us are self-conscious about bringing up the subject of halitosis. Instead, we try to brush our teeth or swish mouthwash more often in an attempt to rid ourselves of smelly breath. But the problem isn't likely the result of too little brushing, it's likely caused by an oral infection. And your medical or dental professional can easily diagnose and treat this.

The GumGuardians explain four misconceptions about the causes of and cures for chronic breath odour (hint: tonsils, postnasal drip and digestive problems aren't usually to blame) – and how to diagnose and treat an oral infection. Find their suggestions here.

The Gum Guardians, an alliance of dental professionals, launched to protect the health of Canadians by helping them protect their gums. As scientific research and clinical studies increasingly demonstrate the damaging impact of oral infection on our bodies, the Gum Guardians are raising awareness about the vital role of our gums in our overall health and providing timely, reliable information and tools to eliminate oral infections and the serious health problems they can cause.