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The Gum Guardians is an alliance of oral health professionals who want to raise awareness of the importance of the health of our gums to our overall physical wellbeing.

Increasingly, scientific studies are demonstrating the impact of periodontal disease on systemic – whole body – health. With some 75% of adults having some form of gum disease, preventing and treating oral infections and inflammation will not will not only keep our mouths healthier but also our bodies and our minds.

The Gum Guardians team launched to help people recognize the signs of gum disease and to provide information regarding the latest and best options for preventing and treating gum infections.

Our goal: protect the health of Canadians
by helping them protect their gums.


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Latest news releases

November 2014 — Hate your breath?
The Gum Guardians suggest asking your doc or dentist if you may have an oral infection
September 2014 — On being perceived as healers rather than cleaners:
Gum Guardians offer 9 questions to guide healthy discussions with dental patients
September 2014 — Gum Guardians offer 12 Tips to prevent fearsome gum infections from oral tattoos and piercings
August 2014 — aims to help Canadians protect their health by protecting their gums



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Gum Guardians Spokespeople


Dr. Jim Hyland

Dr. Jim Hyland, BSc, DDS

Chief Gum Guardian
Partner, Sheppard Yorkland Dental Family Dentistry

President and CEO, Oravital Inc.

Dr. Jim is a passionate oral care advocate. A long-time dentist and teacher,  he's dedicated to studying and adapting the latest oral health technologies and treatments. Dr. Jim regularly writes and lectures on topics ranging from preventive gum care to treatments for bleeding gums and bad breath.


Anne Bosy

Anne Bosy, RDH, BSc, MSc, MEd

Chief Scientist
The Breath Doc

Founder, Senior Vice President Scientific Affairs, Oravital Inc.

A professor, researcher, inventor and  entrepreneur, Anne is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the country on the issue of oral health. She has been researching, writing and delivering presentations on this topic around the world for more than 30 years. Here are some of her most recent articles.


Treatment of Oral Malodour and Periodontal Disease Using an Antibiotic Rinse

General Dentistry, July 2013


The Oral-Systemic Link: Dentists have a responsibility to inform their patients

Aorta, February 2011


The Oral-Systemic Science: Emerging Evidence of a Strong Relationship

Oral Health, December 2010